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   15 years experience in lifting

Express-B offers Engineering and Construction services based on the following lifting equipment:

  • Truck cranes with capacity between 55 and 150 t

  • , upto 92m height
  • Aerials with lifting height between 22 and 60m

The company develops engineering projects for reconstruction, replacement or transportation of industrial equipment. We develop and provide plans and documentation of the activities performed, which meet the high requirement of the European companies.

Express-B provides reconstruction services, expansion and modernization in the following industries: Industrial construction, Road building, Foundry, Mining, Food and drug industry, Machinery, Hydro engineering, Energy section.

Express-B has been involved in the construction of bridges, highway "Trakia", hydro power stations, expansion of port Bourgas, mounting and dismounting of heavy-weight industrial machinery, construction-repair work in aggressive media, rescue operations etc.









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